Itchy Bottoms

Recently I came across a butt streak on my ottoman.  Since I have hard wood floors throughout the house, the stool was the only surface Twinkles could find that would itch her bottom.  I couldn’t blame her and I really couldn’t be mad at her – as humans, we often take our hands for granted.  We don’t stop to think about an itch…we just take care of it.  Our beloved felines must get creative when a hard to reach itch stalks them.  

Not one to rush to the vet at every hiccup, I  looked for a simple and non-toxic home remedy to help Twinkles out.  I cleaned up her pants with a little almond oil and followed it with a paper towel doused in warm water.  She didn’t care much for the oil and gave me he surprised squeaky meow.  The wet paper towel was a different story – she really liked the warmth and danced her happy tail dance.

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